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Letters to My Daughters

"The book is very good very heartfelt of a father's love and wisdom he has to give to his daughters. The book should touch the hearts of everyone that reads it starting with the first page."

Inner Beauty Salon

"Very inspiring! This book is one that every mother or father should get for their daughters! It shows a young girl that she should first Love God before investing love in a man."


"Unconditional love for your daughters only words can express is captured in this book. Excellent tool for developing a great relationship with your daughters. Well done Avery."


"Mr. Washington allowed God to use him, his life experiences, and his family to speak to every woman from our FATHER! This book helps you to feel validated and appreciated."


"A book that has sealed the purpose of his family tree; a work that will surely be passed down for generations to come. If you are a father/mother who has daughters; do yourself a favor and pay it forward by seeding this book to them. You won't regret it."

George Green

"I love this book because it shows a father's love for his daughters in a positive light. With so many absentee fathers out there, it is nice to find a book that celebrates the strong bond of the father/daughter relationship, and Letters to My Daughters does just that in bringing about a warmth and truth that confirms that every young girl needs her father."

La Trisha McIntosh

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