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Mother: A Heartfelt Poetic Tribute Celebrating Single Mothers

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Author Avery Washington’s style of poetry is compassionate and thought provoking. His childhood experiences being raised by a single mother has created this huge heart he has for women and children. Avery Washington's gift of words in "Mother" reads as a universal anthem for respecting the beautiful women in our lives. He has created a unique platform to pour out his love for not only his family but for other families as well; setting the example that men can reverence a woman without being regarded as weak. If you liked his previous collections; “Just Speaking My Mind" and "Letters to My Daughters," you will thoroughly enjoy this current read. With such titles as; "The Proposal and "My Inspiration," Avery Washington gets it! He is standing in agreement for every man who appreciates a mother's heart, a spouse's affection and the unconditional love received from our children. His words are inspiring enough that even if one is not quite living up to their responsibilities, when you read his poetic messages, you will want to become a better husband, father and friend. Author Avery Washington compiles each verse of his poetry subjects to produce delicate sounds; where readers, through their emotions, can dance and celebrate God’s love for the beautiful creation of women. La Trisha McIntosh and La Tasha Taylor Founders/Publishers/Editors- Beautifully Said Magazine At a time when so many mothers are raising their children alone, Avery Washington comes along and creates a work of art encouraging, inspiring and thanking them for being the foundation of the family and with the same pen challenging men to do better towards our greatest blessing, women. Judge Oswald J. Scott, Jr. “The love of God is the only love greater than the love a mother has for her child.” ~Avery Washington

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