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Just Speaking My Mind: Spoken Word Poetry Vol.1

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A Powerful collection of HEARTFELT and thought provoking poems guaranteed to capture your hearts. The Author will stimulate your mind as he speaks his mind on many topics women have been wanting to hear men speak on such as: Faith, Family, Love, Sex, Fatherhood, Politics and many more. Your hearts will be captured by poems such as "DIFFERENT LAST NAMES" in which the Author shares the heartache and pain he and his beautiful daughter went through from having different last names. Passion will also be felt by readers as the Author equates his passion for writing poetry to love making in the poem "POETIC LOVE MAKING." "This book should not only be read, but discussed with all. Avery Washington is a gifted and talented storyteller who uses poetry to tell stories we all can relate to." ~ Judge Oswald J. Scott Jr.

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