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Author of the best-selling books Letters to My Daughters, Over-Sexualization of Black Women in America, and many more 

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Empowering Our Families & Communities

Avery Washington

Avery Washington's Latest Releases

"Never live your life according to man's expectations. You are above the expectations of man because you are God's creation!" 

~Avery Washington

"I thoroughly enjoyed how the author took the time to understand how important the Black woman's role and perception is in society and the household."

Nicole Sparks

Over-Sexualization of Black Women in America 

"This book was very uplifting and long overdue. As a black woman, I have experienced some of the things Avery is speaking of, but never heard it expressed how he wrote it!"

Angela Cloud

"I really love this book! It has opened my eyes to some things with my daughter and has allowed me to have open conversations with my sisters about their feelings."

Martin Hooper

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